Edward Dunai 5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU
Sun Feb 18 15:18:08 MST 1996

Mr Ostrea,
        Bravo, my friend, bravo.  Many of us conservatives oppose
Pat Bu-loose-chanan because free trade with reasonable domestic
protection was the hallmark of Reagon's trade policy and si a
benchmark for conservatives.  Buchanan claims to be a
conservative, but much of what he sas cn readily be confused by
people as coming from the mouths of Bonior and Gepheardt and
Billy-Bob Clinton.  Moreover, Pat thinks that the only values are
his own, I heard Keyes blasting him for this on C-SPAN this
morning.  If you Buchananites want a true consrvative ticket for
96, I would recommend Forbes/Keyes, rather than a closet
socialist like Pat.  Oh, by the way, all Buchananistas should
call 1-900-NOPATNO...:-}
PS      I heard Rush say that while Keyes has called for people
to take responsibility for themselves in the true conservative
spitir(opps spirit), Buchanan gives them an easy excuse for
failure, which is the Liberal Democratic message.  Moreover,
didn't Hitler come to power because he offered easy answers for
Germanys economic ills?  Could there be a connection here?

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