Buchanan and Freedom

Edward Dunai 5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU
Tue Feb 20 09:08:35 MST 1996

Pardon me for saying it, but IMHO it seems that Pat Buchanan is
*not* a true conservative.  His statements indicate to me that he
is willing to use scapegoats for America's problems rather than
actually solve them.  He blames Wall Street bankers and
foreigners when Americans lose jobs, but didn't Hitler blame
Jewish Bankers and foreigners when Germans lost jobs?  Granted,
Pat is in no way as bad as Hitler, and I am sure that he has no
intention of doing what Hitler did, but the use of the scapegoat
tactic by both of them is indicitive of a mind-set which appeals
to the lowest common denominator, rather than true leadership.
In my mind there are only two *leaders* in this race, Steve Forbes
and Alan Keyes, and I would hope to see them together on the
ticket.  I know this may anger Pat's fans, but what he advocates
is not what will solve this country's problems, it takes a leader
to do it and Pat ain't it.
"If you must kill a man it costs you nothing to be polite."
Sir Winston Churchill

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