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I S R A E L   C O N F I S C A T E S   F I R E A R M S

ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES have ordered the security officer of the
               community of Yitzhar (Shomron - Shomron Regional
               Council) to collect all guns that are in the
               possession of persons that have not served in the
               IDF.  This affects mostly students and new
               immigrants. The settlers stated that this places
               them in danger because they are now required to
               travel unarmed. [Source: Shomron News Service]

ANALYSIS & COMMENTARY: It is both sad and disturbing to see what
is happening to individual liberties in Israel, as pressure for a
"peace plan" at any cost mounts. We think it is important for
subscribers to understand fully the price that is being paid in
Israel for the peace plan. At some point the question must be
asked: if the plan is such a good deal for Israel, then why is it
so hard to convince her citizens?

MANY THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE believe the peace plan is a prescription
for disaster in the Mideast. It forces Israel to give up its
buffer territories, an action which makes Israel less defensible.
We are now hearing speculation that Jerusalem itself will be
given up to some form of international control.

AS ISRAEL DIVESTS itself of the buffer territories surrounding
it, we almost guarantee that the next skirmish in the Mideast
will resort to nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons as a
first strike. There simply will be no time for an incorrect
response. This encourages Israel's enemies to resort to the same,
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