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        Brad wrote that some people may be hesitant to support Buchanan because
he is a commentator and speech writer.  He suggests that Reagan had a similar
problem with his background as an actor.  I understand those biases because
when Regan moved into politics, I, too, felt he was out of his element.
Owing to his background as an entertainer, Sonny Bono, the Congressman,
received some cheap shots.  The press with its liberal bias has a field day
with politicians who tred non-traditional career paths to high office.

        Despite these prejudices, which our present climate exempts from
serious censure,  a person with intelligence, intensity, and  commitment can
impress the voters.  As Tony ponts out, Buchanan has identified the substantive
issues and problems facing Americans.  Does Buchanan understand the
distinctions among necessary, contributory, and sufficient causes?  Many
Republican and undecided voters would say he does, even though some on this
list would label him "too narrow."  Does Buchanan propose feasible solutions
consistent with enterprise and the freedoms guaranteed to Americans in our
Constitution?  Primary voters, so far, are saying yes.  I wouldn't
underestimate the groundswell of popular opinion, already proven in the
primaries.  Buchanan may indeed be able to provide the leadership we need to
beat Clinton and make America strong and stronger during this "third wave"
electronic/information revolution.

Bill White

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