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Laib, Steve A41 at MDBESF.MDBE.COM
Wed Feb 21 10:12:00 MST 1996

 William Kanninen raises some excellent points regarding the Moderate
Republican v. Conservative Republican positions, including the role of the
press and the fact that conservatives have rarely been successful when
a moderate occupies the white house.

Where William and I differ is that in the long run, I believe that the key
the conservative cause is the legislature and that the legislature must
activist now, rather than counting on the white house leading things.
A lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, but I believe that
with the crop of conservative freshmen in the house, things should  be
changing for the better, however, the biggest impediment to conservative
activist progress in the house is Newt Gingrich.  He is, essentially the
thing in the house that Bob Dole is in the Senate.  He represents the old
guard power structure.  This has to change.

There is one other area where I disagree with William.  I don't believe that
makes sense to go charging into a wall (politically speaking) when you can't
win.  You must devise a workable strategy - one which will win, not one
will make a lot of show but will lose in the end.  Many people are too
scared of Buchanan to support him.  We would be a lot better off to get an
candidate to go up against Clinton, even if he/she is a moderate and then
concentrate on enlarging the congressional majorities with more rep's
who are more conservative.  These new representative (including Senators)
must then take the lead and stop letting the Presidency set national
policy.  In the long run this will be a more effective method of promoting
conservative solutions to our nation's problems.  In the past, the party
structure has been designed to prevent this.  The new legislators must
work against this.  They will have to circumvent the old guard types
like Bob Dole who would compromise away any progress which could be
made against the liberal tide.

Just my two cents worth

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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