Democrats nightmare

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Wed Feb 21 13:56:48 MST 1996

> Convention Day, San Diego
> On the first ballot, no candidate wins nomination and the doors
> are closed, the media speculates with glee over the apparant
> self-destruction of the Republican party.  Cokie says "Well, Sam,
> no party which appears so disunited at its convention could
> possibly beat Clinton" and smiles.
> The second and third ballot still show no winner, but then
> SOMETHING HAPPENS...(jaws music here)
> The lights dim as smoke pours out of projectors hidden around the
> stage, soon the only light comes from a single spotlight focused
> on the podium, and up steps the dark horse candidate to unite the
> republican party.  A hush falls, and...
> <Bill and Hillary now wake up, drenched in sweat..."
> Got this scenario on good authority, attended a lecture by Steve
> Tuttle, a prominent liberal Democratic consultant here in
> Phoenix and a columnist in the Arizona Republic.
>                                                 ---EDWARD---

Democrat nightmare???? Sounds like a Conservative's nightmare to me, and
thus a Republican nightmare. No point winning the Whitehouse if the
conservative momentum is stopped regardless of which party wins it.

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