Sam: We are no longer the extremists

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBESF.MDBE.COM
Wed Feb 21 14:56:00 MST 1996

Ken Wyman writes:

    We are no longer the "extremists."  Dole, Alexander, are the
extremists in the GOP in their desperate attempt to maintain the
Washington power establishment that has lost its understanding of
"Government by and for the people."  If anyone doubts that failure,
take a ride down the D.C. street harboring every known Lobbyist
representing every known interest except that of the "people."  Nothing
wrong with the act of lobbying as a means to petition the government,
but when such a lobbying group as the AARP can have a political
"strangle hold" on our Representatives and Senators thus denying
logical discussion of social security problems, they give the meaning
to "power brokers" who exist for self promotion rather than "people"

    Pat may not be the answer, but he's addressing matters that Dole
and company would have us believe are of minimal importance.

    It is to be hoped that those extremists wake up and join us
ex-extremists to stop "slick" and his "snake oil" salesmen.
I agree with Ken.  We are not extremists.  It may be stated that
there can be no such thing as an extremist in the pursuit of
liberty and justice.  In today's Orwellian world where freedom is slavery
this must be true.  Dole is talking platitudes.  That's why we need a
new kind of leader who will address the gut level issues.
Buchanan would do it, but I do not believe he can be elected.
We need someone else with the same fire, the same beliefs
and the same desire to make a difference but who also does not
have a track record which can be used to kill his campaign.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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