Democrats Nightmare

Wed Feb 21 16:25:56 MST 1996

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        Edward Dunai posted an imaginative script "Democrats Nightmare" in
which Colin Powell emerges from the Republican convention as the nominee and
Bill and Hillary wake up in a cold sweat.  I like the image a lot.  Still,
for conservatives, victory is much more than simply expelling that infamous duo
from the White House.  What happens to the dream?

        There is the rather important matter of the conservative agenda, which
is intensifying.  Many people want their freedom back.  They want their
Constitutional liberties, and they want government to assume its proper role
and function in their lives.  Years before Rev. King made such enormous strides
in the civil rights movement, Langston Hughes wrote his famous poem:


         What happens to a dream deferred?

                        Does it dry up
                        like a rasin in the sun?
                        Or fester like a sore --
                        And then run?
                        Does it stink like rotten meat?
                        Or crust and sugar over --
                        like a syrupy sweet?

                        Maybe it just sags
                        like a heavy load.

                        Or does it explode.

    This poem seems to have a timeless, universal
    message, doesn't it?  Just a thought . . .

    Bill White

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