Democrats nightmare

Edward Dunai 5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU
Thu Feb 22 08:20:14 MST 1996

Phil wrote:
At 12:39 PM 2/21/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Convention Day, San Diego
>on the podium, and up steps the dark horse candidate to unite
>republican party.  A hush falls, and...
><Bill and Hillary now wake up, drenched in sweat..."
>Got this scenario on good authority, attended a lecture by Steve
>Tuttle, a prominent liberal Democratic consultant here in
>Phoenix and a columnist in the Arizona Republic.
>                                                ---EDWARD---
I honestly have to agree with Rush on that idea. I doubt that the
party would nominate someone who didn't go through the hell of
the primaries.
        I didn't say that I thought that this situation would
happen, I'm only relating what Steve Tuttle told me at a lecture
I attended. I agree that one of the current crop of candidates
will eventually be nominated, hopefully Forbes/Keyes, but I
thought the scenario would be kinda funny, could you imagine the

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