Letterman on Buchanan

Thu Feb 22 08:28:14 MST 1996

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        I watched Letterman last night.  Hadn't seen him in several weeks.  One
never knows where to locate a clown politically; he is a mobile sniper, a comic
terrorist, dropping his cherrybombs, like the squirrelly minded high school
kids used to do, and moving on to the next take.  (Why do I enjoy it so much
when he jokes about Clinton?)  He made Buchanan jokes:  stuff about narrow mind
and grand wizards.

        In our Orwellian times, is this the media mantra that will substitute
for thought and analysis during the campaign?  Democrats have built a political
powerhouse scaring folks with starving kids, abused elderly, rampant
homelessness, and raging riots.  Now besides Republican wolves in Congress, we
will urged to fear (especially during "hate week" sessions) all conservative
reformers as narrow extremists - you know the ones who focus on several key
problems and propose concrete, constitutional ways to solve them?

Bill White

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