Gumbel on Pat - You ain't seen nothin' yet

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Feb 22 13:21:32 MST 1996

You wrote:
>P. Jefferson Quinton wrote
>>And what about Bryant Gumbel on Today <today at> discussing
>>the victory of "Puke-chanan" and laughing at his own genius in that
>I guess Gumbel decided to prove how juvenile his intellect really is.
>I heard better in elementary school. Besides, isn't he supposed to
>report the news, not provide personal commentary on it?
>just my 2 cents.
>Steve Laib
>Atty. and Philosopher
        we ain't seen nothin' yet.  Pat will be blamed for every
problem existing in our country and the sad part is, that the
un-informed voter will buy the charges as "spoon fed" by the
GOP and media left ad nauseam.

        Just this A.M., a "journalist" on C-SPAN cited the fact of
Pat's wealth giving the lie to his common man image. -- Strange
assertion -- you never hear that claim when ol' Teddy Kennedy and Jay
Rockefeller "defend" the same common man.

        I'm waiting to see if Dole and company can manage a commercial
with a flower picking little girl being killed by an atomic explosion
with the voice Pat Buchanan in the background.

    Ken Wyman

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