Buchanan and Freedom

Thu Feb 22 20:25:23 MST 1996

On Feb.20 Edward Wrote:
>Pardon me for saying it, but IMHO it seems that Pat Buchanan is
>*not* a true conservative.
Edward you must be using a different definition of conservative than the rest
of the world.  A conservative is one who tends to oppose change; favoring
traditional views and values.  Now I don't know where you are getting your
information, but Pat Buchanan is 100% in favor of traditional views and values.
>His statements indicate to me that he is willing to use scapegoats for America's
>problems rather than actually solve them.
What statements are you referring to, you need proof.  The only way you can
get proof is by posting the staements then logically show that they are such.
>In my mind there are only two *leaders* in this race, Steve Forbes and Alan
>Keyes, and I would hope to see them together on the ticket.
Edward, Edward, Edward I hate to break it to you but Forbes and Keyes are
so far behind in the race that they've been lapped.
>I know this may anger Pat's fans, but what he advocates is not what will
>solve this country's problems, it takes a leader to do it and Pat ain't it.
Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I would like to point
out that your opinion so far is in the minority.

Mark Bailey
Buchanan for President '96

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