Buchanan and Freedom

Fri Feb 23 09:02:22 MST 1996

On Feb. 22 Edward Wrote:
>Mr. Bailey,
>       Do you or anyone else in the Buchanan camp understand the economic
>concept of specialization?  Do you have any background in economics at all?
>Buchanan's ideas, the 20% tax on imports and trade restrictions, as ell as his
>belief that if we lose industries we are worse off directly contradicts the
>concept of specialization.
Sorry Edward, but I am afraid you are mistaken.  Losing are industrial base
will trigger a dramatic decline in our economy.  Also this does not contradict
the concept of specialization.  This is why, not everyone can be specialized,
our economy is so diversed we need mass production jobs.  Just think about it
and it makes sense, how is a plumber suposse to install a sink if no one made
his wrenches, pipes, sink, etc.  America is truly blessed with the resources
to be a self sufficient country, why do you wish to destroy it.  Your ideas
remind me of something that John Dewey said in 1899, "Children who know how to
think for themselvesspoil the harmony of the collective society which is
coming where everyone is interdependent."
>The reason I oppose Buchanan is his simplistic answers, his easy answers.
What gives you the impression that something must be complex to be right, and
that because something else is easy to understand it is wrong.  There are
easy answers that are the correct answers.
>A attended the debae here in AZ tonite and Buchanan made the inference that
>all our problems would mystically dissapear if we get rid of all immigrants
>and refuused to trade or made immense trade barriers with our trading
>partners.  Actually, this is scapegoating, he is blaing the easy target, the
>mysterious outsiders, for Americans problems.
Edward once again you are mistaken.  ALL our problems will not dissapear, our
economic problems will become such that will be easier to handle in the furture
if we create import taxes, if we stop the flow of "illegal" immigration, and
substantial reduce the amount of immigrants to the United States.  There are
reasons behind Pat's ideas, history has shown us that these measures work and
will work again in the future only if we put them in place.  History has also
show us that our present trade policies are a failure and will continue to
hinder the United States.
>Buchanan, IMHO, is a power-grabber who only cares about becoming president and
>is will ing to say anything to do so, I have sincere doubts as to whether or
>not he actually cares for this country and ALL of its citizens or only for
>himself and those who mindlessly follow his percepts.
Once again Edward you are way out in left field.  There are only few people
in this election who really care about this country and it citizens in this
election.  Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, and Lamar Alexander (Yet he waivers a
little in my opinion).  All Pat cares about is helping Americans get back
out their feet and become the economic powerhouse once again.

Mark Bailey
Buchanan for President '96

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