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Fri Feb 23 10:10:00 MST 1996


Mark Bailey wrote an interesting response to my post.

     Despite your obviously well informed position, I am going to disagree
with you.  I suggest that even if Buchanan wins all of the remaining
primaries, and
has a majority at the convention, the RNC will do something to derail him.
will either find or concoct a method in the same manner that Dole was trying
keep competition off the ballot in NY.

     As for Buchanan's methods, illegal immigration is the one topic where I
agree with him.  Primarily because the way that the law is treating illegal
we have no choice but to shut the borders.  Secondly, as some of us may not
aware, the policy of Mexico is that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and
California belong
to Mexico and that they will get them back by any method they can.  Since
they can't
do it militarily, they are creating a 5th column of people who are doing
their best to subvert the governments and economies of those states.  And
our national policy is to cooperate with this.

     Interesting situation.  I will look forward to seeing if my prediction
comes true.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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