Phil Buckley pbuckl19 at NFI.COM
Fri Feb 23 11:07:50 MST 1996

I was watching television last Sunday when Cokie Roberts pointed out a very
interesting concept  that I admit I hadn't really thought about. Becoming
the nominee of the party isn't simply an election, it's a process, and Bob
Dole controlls alot more of the process. For example he will almost
completely sweep NY because he is vitually unopposed in that state. Ah, the
process. I have to admit, Cokie has a valid point.

Food for thought, what if Dole picked up Pat for VP?

Just killing time while my son takes his afternoon nap,

Phil Buckley
3 Rules of Massachusetts Politics:

1. Nothing's on the level
2. Everything's a deal
3. No deal too small

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