Buchanan and Freedom

Edward Dunai 5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU
Fri Feb 23 11:09:11 MST 1996

        I couldn't agree more, I lived in Europe for several
years as a kid, so I've been exposed to pseudo-Buchananism
before.  It doesn't work very well, it weakens their economies,
stratifies their societies, and opens the door's wider and wider
to totalitarianism.  While I agree with a little of Buchanan's
diagnosis of our problems, I prefer the Forbes method of dealing
with it, ie let the people solve their own problems like the
adults they are.  I also like Keyes' method of moral persuasion
rather than governmental intervention.  Both Buchanan and
Alexander seemed to accept the idea that government's role is
that of the national nanny, rather than the servant of the
                        FORBES/KEYES 96

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