Forbes performance in Debate

Edward Dunai 5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU
Fri Feb 23 19:17:57 MST 1996

While watching the debate from the comfort of a backrow seat, I
noticed something vital.  Forbes carried himself like a
businessman, not a politician, reenforcing his outsiders image.
While Buchanan and the rest, on the other hand, came off as
professional politicos.  IMO, this really helps Forbes.
PS-     I saw a great Benson cartoon today in AZ Republic, it
showed the Buchananista's marching behind King Pat on the back of
the GOP elephant, who is looking mournfully out at the reader.
The Buchaninistas are carrying signs like "Hex the Mex" and
"Buchanan, for all the Reich reasons" or "White On" or even
"Holocaust? What Holocaust?" interesting what kind of rabble are
supporting Pat, He's got the racist, bigoted, and redneck vote in
his left pocket, and, if nominated, will lead this party straight
to the nether regions.

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