Forbes performance in Debate

Robert A. Ostrea, Jr. RAOstrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 23 20:01:20 MST 1996

I, too, noticed that Forbes really presented himself well and seemed to have
the right answers to all of the questions and issues that were brought up
during the AZ debate.  I was personally leaning toward Alexander before I
saw the debate, mainly because I am doubting DOle's ability to defeat
Buchanan; however, Alexander lost BIG time during this debate!  I lost count
of how many times he said that he was and executive, university president
and cabinet secretary!  Did anyone else hear the LOUD groans from the
audience each time he started a sentence with his resume?

In any case, I am actually MUCH more inclined to support Forbes as his ideas
and *vision* were relayed very nicely.  I certainly hope he can win Delaware
and come in 2nd everywhere else to knock Lamar out of the race.  Unlike
Lamar, Forbes has plenty of money to continue running.

We'll see...

Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
Hollywood, CA

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