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Sun Feb 25 04:56:09 MST 1996

>  Reuters New Media
>   Friday February 23 8:33 PM EST
>Buchanan Steps Up Challenge to Dole
>   PHOENIX (Reuter) - Right-wing populist Pat Buchanan Friday stepped up
>   his challenge to Bob Dole for the Republican presidential nomination
>   in several states and especially in Arizona, where the Senate majority
>   leader's support seemed very shaky.
>   Dole, whose White House dreams were jarred when Buchanan beat him in
>   New Hampshire Tuesday, offended many in this southwestern state when
>   he skipped a televised candidate's debate Thursday night.
>   That left Buchanan and former Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander, Dole's
>   main rivals for the nomination, free to blast him from the debate
>   stage as a coward afraid to stand up for himself in a battle of ideas.
>   Buchanan, who has been stumping the state for next Tuesday's primary
>   election since Thursday morning, followed up by urging Arizona
>   Republicans to send a message to Dole -- who was in Oregon and not due
>   in Arizona until Friday night.
>   ``Tell him, Bob, you can run but you can't hide,'' Buchanan urged
>   those attending a Friday rally. ``We're not going to give our support
>   to a candidate who doesn't even come down here and stand his ground
>   and battle for his ideas.''
>   The next primary takes place Saturday in Delaware, but only
>   millionaire publisher Steve Forbes has campaigned in that small
>   Atlantic seaboard state. The latest News Journal newspaper poll of
>   Delaware Republicans likely to vote gave Dole 32 percent support to 21
>   percent for Buchanan, 19 for Forbes and 16 for Alexander.
>   But the focus remained on next Tuesday, when 75 delegates to the
>   Republican National Convention are up for grabs in primaries in
>   Arizona, North and South Dakota -- the biggest single-day prize so
>   far.
>   The August convention will nominate a Republican challenger to take on
>   Clinton, a Democrat, in the Nov. 5 election, with 996 delegates
>   required for nomination.
>   Dole is favored to win on Tuesday in the Dakotas but even there
>   Republican officials reported signs of a Buchanan upsurge. Dole was
>   hoping to sweep both states but officials said he might not be able to
>   prevent Buchanan taking a slice of the delegates at stake.
>   In Arizona, where the winner gets all 39 delegates, a poll showed
>   Buchanan closing in on Dole. The Tucson Daily Star survey showed the
>   72-year-old veteran with a tenuous lead of four percentage points, but
>   the poll was taken before Dole's decision to skip the debate.
>   After Arizona, the next big primary is in South Carolina on March 2,
>   where Buchanan believes he could stage yet another upset.

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