Pat Buchanan is a Fraud

Bruce Norbeck madtom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Feb 25 13:43:57 MST 1996

>Buchanan has said he will keep openly gay people out of top White
>House positions if elected. But, according to Raimondo, the candidate
>knows and apparently doesn't care that his San Francisco supporter is
>     "The whole gay agenda is just a sham," Raimondo said. "He does
>not think that homosexuality is all that great a thing.

        Buchanan-istas continue to amaze me. I'd swear you people are
making it FAR too easy to attack this man. If the above isn't ample
proof of his hypocracy, then I can't imagine what would be.
    As further evidence, I point you to his own book, *Right From The
Beginning*, in which he stated that the current capitalism & democracy
of South Korea & Japan had been bought with thousands of American
lives, & that getting into a trade war with them, simply because we
can't compete with them eceonomically, would squander all those lives.
Now, he insists on not only getting into that same trade war, he's de-
manding the right to fire the first shots.
    Alan Keys pointed out that all these people talking about protect-
ionism sounded more like Socialist Democrats than Republicans. He's
right. Protectionism is Socialism. Socialism is un-American. Do I need
to make it any plainer than that??????
    Please don't respond with that tired old gem about how simply post-
ing an article doesn't mean you agree with it entirely. I'm not blast-
ing your personal beliefs -- I'm blasting your candidate. There's a BIG

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