Goldwater on Buchanan (no abortion war)

Mon Feb 26 10:45:00 MST 1996

From: Sam Teel <sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV>
>>The people that don't like abortion should do something that will
>>provide a personal choice for the female thinking about abortion.
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Sam Teel said >
>I was watching a news report last year from an abortion clinic here in
>West Palm.  Some of us "Whacko extremist types" were protesting.  As one
>customer walked into the killing barn, she looked at a protester and
>sarcasticly said, "are YOU gonna raise my baby?"  The protester replied,
>"YES! give me your name and we'll do it!"  The  condemmed baby was
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Thanks Sam for making my point.  The against abortion plank should
not be there, has nothing to be with Republican politics.  A better
way, IMHO, would be the Rep. are for changing laws that allow two
people to do what Sam said a protester and customer said to each
other.  But what do I care anyway, I have no daughters and I've
had the big V, so I have no personal reason to be for or against
abortion, I am not effected.  I am just saying the Republicans
would have more support if they changed that abortion plank.

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