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Dear Brigade,

Enclosed please find:
1. Immigration Time-Out
2. State Rights Rebellion

There has been so much dis-information lately regarding
Pat's stance on Immigration. Please read, again, his
article calling for a Immigration Time-out.

In "States Rights Rebellion" Pat mentions Sheriff Richard
Mack of Arizona. Early last year, Sheriff Mack endorsed Pat
Buchanan and has been serving as Pat's Co-State Chair for

All comments AND typos are mine and are NOT to be
considered "official". I'm counting on you to forward this
Update across the USA and the Internet. Permission to
reprint is granted.

To the Dakota and Arizona Brigades: Our prayers are with
you! God speed, and victory for our Braveheart!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Immigration Time-out
by Patrick J. Buchanan
October 31, 1994

Proposition 187 "is an outrage. It is unconstitutional. It
is nativist. It is racist"--Al Hunt, Capital Gang, CNN.

That outburst by my columust colleague, about California's
Prop 187--which would cut off social welfare benefits to
illegal aliens -- suggests that this savage quarrel is
about more than just money. Indeed, the roots of this
dispute over Prop.187 are grounded in the warring ideas
that we Americans hold about the deepest, most divisive
issues of our time: ethnicity, nation, culture.

What do we want the America of the years 2000,2020 and
2050 to be like? Do we have the right to shape the
character of the country our grandchildren will live in? Or
is that to be decided by whoever, outside America, decides
to come here?

By 2050, we are instructed by the chancellor of the
University of Caifornia at Berkeley, Chang Lin-Tin, "the
majority of Americans will trace their roots to Latin
America, Africa. Asia, the Middle East and Pacific

Now, any man or woman, of any nation or ancestory can come
here --and become a good American.

We know that from our history. But by my arithmetic, the
chancellor is saying Hispanics, Asians and Afncans will
increase their present number of 65 million by at least 100
million in 60 years, a population growth larger than all of
Mexico today.

What will that mean for America? Well, South Texas and
Southern California will be almost exclusively Hispanic.
Each will have tens of millions of people whose linguistic,
historic and cultural roots are in Mexico. Like Eastern
Ukraine, where 10 million Russian-speaking "Ukrainians"
now look impatiently to Moscow, not Kiev, as their cultural
capital, America could see, in a decade, demands for
Quebeclike status for Southern California. Already there is
a rumbling among militants for outright seccession. A sea
of Mexican flags was prominent in that LA. rally against
Prop. 187, and Mexican officials are openIy urging their
kinsmen in California to vote it down.

If no cutoff is imposed on social benefits for those who
breach our borders, and break our laws, the message will go
out to a desperate world: America is wide open. All you
need do is get there, and get in.

Consequences will ensue. Crowding together immigrant and
minority populations in our major cities must bring greater
conflict. We saw that in the 1992 L.A. riot. Blacks and
Hispanics have lately collided in D.C.'s Adams-Morgan
neighborhood, supposedly the most tolerant and progressive
section of Washington. The issue: bilingual education.
Unlike 20 years ago,ethnic conflict is today on almost
every front page

Before Mr. Chang's vision is realized, the United States
will have at least two official languages. Todays steady
outmigration of "Anglos" or "Euro-Americans," as whites are
now called, from Southern florida and Southern California,
will continue. The 50 states will need constant redrawing
of political lines to ensure proportional representation.
Already we have created the first "apartheid districts" in
America's South.

Ethlic militancy and solidarity are on the rise in the
United States; the old institutions of assimilation are not
doing their work as they once did; the Melting Pot is in
need of repair. On campuses we hear demands for separate
dorms, eating rooms, clubs,etc, by black, white, Hispanic
and Asian students. If this is where the campus is headed,
where are our cities going?

If America is to survive as "one nation, one people" we
need to call a "time-out" on immigration, to assimilate the
tens of millions who have lately arrived. We need to get to
know one another, to live together, to learn together
America's language, history, culture and traditions of
tolerance, to become a new national family, before we add
a hundred million more. And we need soon to bring down the
curtain on this idea of hyphenated-Americanism.

If we lack the course to make the decisions--as to what
our country will look like in 2050 -- others wiIl make
those decisions for us, not all of whom share our love of
the America that seems to be fading away.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
States Rights Rebellion
by Patrick J. Buchanan
July 23, 1994

Once again, the spirit of John C. Calhoun stalks the land.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are
reserved to the states, respectively, or to the people." So
reads our long-forgotten 10th Amendment. Seizing on this
amendment, Western states -- fed up with federal despotism
-- are attempting a rollback of federal power and a rebirth
of states' rights.

Illegal aliens, unfunded federal mandates, control of
land, guns -- these are the issues driving a gathering
national rebellion.

California has filed suit demanding the United States
assume full cost of educating, medicating and imprisoning
illegal aliens. The U.S., says California, has ignored its
constitutional duty to protect California from invasion,
allowing her to be overrun by a million illegals every

Alaska -- whose governor, Walter Hickel, won election as
the candidate of a party advocating secession -- has filed
a $29 billion suit charging the U.S. with locking up 100
million acres of Alaska's land in violation of the compact
by which Alaska became a state.

Colorado has passed the 10th Amendment resolution ordering
the U.S. to "cease and desist, effective immediately,
mandates that are beyond the scope of the constitutionally
delegated powers.

In Montana, Sheriff Jay Printz refused to enforce the
Brady law mandating background checks on gun buyers. He has
neither the time nor manpower, declared Sheriff Printz,
adding, "We like our guns in Montana... It's not unusual
for a person to have 15 guns or more."

In Billings, U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell ruled in
favor of Printz, striking down that part of the Brady law.
Under the 10th Amendment, ruled the judge, the federal
government cannot force states to allocate resources to
carry out federal responsibilities.

In Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff Richard Mack filed suit
against Brady, saw his suit upheld, and became a folk hero,
leading a parade of 20,000 in a protest against gun laws in
Medford, Oregon.

Sheriff Mack has a book coming out in September [1994],
"From My Cold Dead Fingers,"which he says, "gets into
things like Waco and Bernhard Goetz and how government's
own documentation shows that the safest way to defend
yourself is with a gun.

Like the Sagebrush Rebellion of 15 years ago, this revolt
out of the West threatens to decimate the Democratic Party.

It is being driven by miners, ranchers and loggers who see
a way of life being destroyed by judges and bureaucrats. It
is backed by elected officials fed up with being ordered to
meet the mandates of Congress and by taxpayers enraged at
being robbed of property rights by federal agencies without
just compensation.

Beltway elites may scoff, but this rebellion is growing.
One day it will manifest itself in acts more dramatic than
a handful of sheriffs refusing to carry out Brady. In
Colorado there is talk of the state withholding federal gas
tax revenues from Washington and spending the money
directly on state highways.

In Catron County, N.M., rhetoric about "taking back
America" has taken on real meaning. When the Forest Service
curbed timber harvests to protect the habitat of Mexican
spotted owl, and started reviewing whether cattle grazing
was endangering the range land, county officials drew up
their own plan for managing the land. Forest rangers who
tried to cut ranchers' livestock grazing permits were
threatened with arrest.

"The Forest Service has been run off at gunpoint," says
Susan Schock, a silver City, N.M., environmentalist.
"They've turned the forest over to the county."

"If we didn't have the plan, there would have been
bloodshed," says rancher Dick Manning. "Things have gotten
to that point."

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who is prosecuting Mr.
Clinton's "War against the West," chuckles at the
"sovereign nation of Catron County." But Catron's defiance
has inspired a nationwide "county movement," enlisting
county and state governments in the battle against
environmental regulators

People for the West!, a new grassroots organization, calls
for increased, not diminished, development of the 500
million acres of federal land. It now has 30,000 members,
has doubled its chapters in the last year, and claims
credit for the Senate filibuster that forced Commissar
Babbitt to retreat from his proposed hike in grazing fees.

Whose land is it, anyway? that is the question. And
support is building behind a movement to have most of those
500 million acres of federal land turned over to the
states, leaving decisions about the use and preservation of
that land to the people who care most about it -- the
people who live on it!

The 10th Amendment rebellion is a cause that populists and
conservatives ought not only to get behind but out in front
 - - - - - - - - - - - -end - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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