Southern League of TX Endorses Buchanan

Phil Buckley pbuckl19 at NFI.COM
Mon Feb 26 12:11:53 MST 1996

At 11:41 AM 2/26/96 -0600, Mark wrote:
>I feel that most people must begin to understand that the Civil War was not
>based on slavery.  Yes, slavery was an issue, but the deep down real reason
>for the Civil War was the fact the states felt that the federal government
>does not have complete control over the states.  In other words the Confe
>derate States of America believed in state's rights.  This is apparent in
>the name of the new nation, the "states" joined a confederation.  That is
>what the Civil War was about and if the South would have won it would not
>be known as the war over slaves.  Which brings up another point concerning
>the flying of the Confederate flag over southern buildings it symbolizes
>Now the idea of why the discrimination of blacks is asked after the Civil
>War era.  The answer is simple, Southerners were mad and the blacks were the
>only group that they were capable of controlling.

Mark, I used to think that way also. But the more I read on the civil war and
reading some of the letters of the times, it was mostly about keeping an
economic system based upon slavery.

I don't think people should be forced to remove a "Battle Flag" from their
front yard, but I also wouldn't expect a federal building to fly such a flag.

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