Civil War History

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Mon Feb 26 20:51:25 MST 1996

>I feel that most people must begin to understand that the Civil War
>was not based on slavery.

    You're wrong, sir. The issue was exactly slavery. The issue was,
exactly, whether any individual state had the right to say that it's
citizens could own other human beings & force them work.

>In other words the Confederate States of America believed in state's

    There is no such thing as "state's rights". A state is nothing more
than a group of people; as such, it has, & can not have, rights. Only
individual PEOPLE have rights; group rights are an illusion.

>if the South would have won it would not be known as the war over

    Well, perhaps the state of education in this nation IS slipping. I
never was taught that the Civil War was fought to free slaves; I was
taught that it was fought over the principle that no state could se-
cede from the Union & form another nation. In other words, I was taught
that it was fought over national unity.
    Tell me something, sir -- do YOU believe that states should have
the right to allow their citizens to own slaves? Why or why not?

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