Enviroment gone wild

Don Peaslee don.peaslee at NCN.NET
Mon Feb 26 21:11:14 MST 1996

Instead of shooting a wolf, perhaps he should have shot a person. The
sentence would have probably been less. Distorted values and the power that
the enviromentalists wield:

> [The Boston Globe]
>      Man Gets Six Months for Shooting Yellowstone Wolf
>      By Associated Press, 02/26/96
>      BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - A man got six months in prison Monday for
>      shooting and killing a wolf that was part of a project to restore
>      the animal to Yellowstone National Park.
>      Chad McKittrick, 42, of Red Lodge, maintained he thought the gray
>      wolf that had strayed out of the park was a wild dog and a danger
>      to livestock.
>      McKittrick was found guilty in October of possessing, killing and
>      transporting the wolf in April.
>      It was part of a group of wolves released in Yellowstone and
>      Idaho last year as part of a federal effort to restore the
>      species to the U.S. Rockies, where they were wiped out by hunters
>      generations ago.
>      The wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
>      AP-DS-02-26-96 1551EST

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