Dept of Ed - Reply

Tue Feb 27 09:08:40 MST 1996

Richard Swardlin writes about my suggestion to eliminate the Department
of Education:

>Local school boards need to look at themselves in the mirror, before
>they throw stones elsewhere.

Stones, Hell. I#m ready to fire an ICBM (remember those?)

Aw come on now, Richard.  We just cut our athletic budget with the
removal of some interscholastic sports as a direct connection to the
federal government and the needless meddling that they do.  You may
have been out of the school too long to know what the federal
government is doing to us.

We now have this epidemic of behavioral disability that is recognized by
the federal government as a special education category.  That means
that we can never completely remove the cost of these kids from out

A kid brings a knife to school and jabs it up to a girl#s neck.  Another
brings drugs to school to sell.  If we expel them and they are behavioral
disabled, the school has to pay tuition and transportation to a facility that
deals with these punks.  We now have one criminal thug that is costing
us $18,000 a year to school in a separate facility.

Directly because of this federal law, we have had to cut $150,000 from
the budget to educate the other kids.  And it is going to get much worse.

Jim Kitzmiller (aaggajk at

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