Targets for Budget Elimination (was: Re: Re[2]: Buchanan and Freedom)

Anthony Stapleton ASTAPLE at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 27 17:00:22 MST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-27 11:50:26 EST, Mr. Laib writes:

>No complaints here, especially since if you eliminate the income tax
>we could cut 98% of the IRS.  The remainder could do accounting of the
>sales tax receipts.

No complaints and no real tangible argument, BUT,

     even with a "consumption tax", there will be a need for a mechanism to
collect and account for the tax dollars, and some sort of mechanism to combat
the so-called underground economy or black market which will be created.  The
IRS may not be as big as it is now, but some sort of agency will remain in

On a separate but related note, the idea behind a "flat tax" is really not
decreasing the tax burden, but rather is simplification of the tax code.

Yes, No, Maybe....Am I in left field??


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