William Kanninen WKanninen at AOL.COM
Wed Feb 28 00:47:08 MST 1996

Barry Goldwater is our political father.  His leadership in national
politics, and his courage in his presidential campaign can not, and will not,
ever be forgotten, though his recent political forays hopefully will be

As someone who is proud to have served on the New York State Youth for
Goldwater Board of Directors, I have to say Barry's position on P. Buchanan
is nothing new.  Let us review:

In 1996 Goldwater supports first Spector, than Dole.
In 1992 Goldwater supports Bush, not Buchanan
In 1988 Goldwater supports Bush, not Kemp, DuPont, etc.
In 1984 Goldwater supported the unopposed Reagan.
In 1980 Goldwater supported Bush, not Reagan.
In 1976 Goldwater supported Ford, not Reagan.
In 1972 Goldwater supported Nixon, not John Ashbrook (protest candidate).
In 1968 Goldwater supported Nixon, not Reagan.
In 1964 Goldwater supported himself.
In 1960 Goldwater supported himself.
In 1956 Goldwater supported the unopposed Eisenhower.
In 1952, I THINK Goldwater supported Eisenhower, not Taft.
Stephen Shadegg, father, I think, of Rep. John Shadegg, who is with Forbes,
ran for U.S. Senator in Arizona in the 1960's.  He had been Goldwater's
campaign manager in every Senate campaign.  Goldwater opposed him in favor of
a more moderate Republican.

The fact is, Barry has always supported the most liberal viable Republican
Presidential candidate, not named Goldwater.

Since the passing of Peggy, Barry's new wife, a leader in Planned Parenthood,
has not moved him in more conservative directions.  He is now very ill, and
it is sad how Dole abused him.

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