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Richard Swerdlin writes:

>Goldwater I did not vote for, but he impressed me as someone who
>has reasons for his opinions.  It might be of general interest to
>look closer at this aspect of Golwater's behavior, even in
>P.S. I was pleased with the demise of the Bork nomination.


        I didn't vote for Goldwater either because then I was a
Democrat and I regret to say, something of a liberal.  But no more!

        I have neglected my Goldwater studies lately; can you help me?

        Perhaps you know Goldwater's reasons for supporting Arlin Specter.
If so please share them.  Data on Foster  was well aired on this list back
in May.  He was a poor choice for the office of Surgeon General, and was
rejected.  But Bork was a superb choice for the Supreme Court.  He was
scholarly, brilliant, and unimpeachably decent.  He was defeated because he was
a conservative constitutionalist, of the sort we so greatly need in this
country.  His defeat has become a verb in our language "To Bork."  This is
a verb that means to block a qualified person's career by organizing opponents
into cadres who chant politically correct slogans - you know like, "Four
legs good; two legs bad."

        BTW, I'm glad you're still there making comments, but your comment
a while back slyly :) trying to associate Rush with religious prohibitions
about dancing did lead me to ask you about the extent of your research on Rush.
You still haven't told me.


Bill White

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