Sports and Education

Wed Feb 28 11:05:00 MST 1996

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 ---------- Richard Swerdlin wrote:>>
>>    A more fundamental improvement would be that of de-emphasizing
>>athletics and social hoopla, in favor of more attention to academics.
>>Sadly, there is much lip service to academics, considering the
>>attention in some districts to the heady matter of hiring a head

>Absolutely agreed.
>     The problem here is that we tend to emphasize athletics
>over academics because we get more publicity over winning football
>games than having our school rated the best in the state for scholastic
>performance.  You may have heard the public service ads on the radio:
>When the US lost to the USSR in Olympic basketball everyone was shocked,
>but when we finished near the bottom of the academic standards for
>developed nations no one said anything.

>  Living in the East Bay area, I get a lot of info re UC Berkeley. They
>pay so much attention to sports there and have given lip service to the
>fact that their academic standards have been declining.  A sad testimonial
>to affirmative action in admissions.

Hmmm, how does the community get involved with the school if not for
sports?  Put and add in the paper saying there's going to be a big
test on friday come on down and watch the students take the test!

Parents without childern in school pay taxes that support the school.
Without sports, band, plays how do these tax payers become involved?
Without involved tax payers, try to get a bond issue passed to
build anything....    Knock Knock.... that's reality knocking!!!

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