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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Wed Feb 28 06:34:19 MST 1996

> Dennis Putnam wrote:
> >Don't know the percentages but Forbes won all the delegates in a winner
> take
> >all primary. Forbes is now one delegate behind the leader Dole.
> I don't know who is correct here, but Robert provided the following figures
> to me, yesterday.
> _______________________________________________________________
> Pat Buchanan - 29
> Steve Forbes - 17
> Bob Dole - 16
> Lamar Alexander - 10
> Alan Keyes - 4
> Uncommitted - 21

Things are getting confusing or are changing too fast. As of 0800 EST today
the local news reported that with Forbes win in Arizona he is leading the
delegate count by one over Dole with Buchanan a few votes back in third. Again
they did not report the actual counts.

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