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Phil Gerdes writes:
>If the LD program was started by the Dept. of Ed then the Fed is not all

>The problem is not with LD kids.  The problem is with BD kids.  The cost
>of removing violent BD kids is taking away funds that should be used to
>help the "real special ed kids"  -- the LD kids.

I am on a school board and I see it happening.  The kids that deserve the
>help, the LD kids that are really trying, are getting their programs cut back
>to serve the ones who cannot control their behavior.
Jim Kitzmiller (aaggajk at

I must agree, only because my wife works with these kids or should I
say works with LD and BD kids, that I know anything about it.  When
the teachers complain about the program they are always refering to
the BD's but they lump the LD's in with them because it's the same
program.  The Fed found a good thing and then went to far.  If you
want cut backs, then research the programs and cut the part that
doesn't serve society.  The teachers in the Learning Disabled program
feel the Behavior Disabled part is hurting the whole program.

These kids(BD) would be excellent test subjects for a boot camp
program... just my opinion.

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