Robert A. Ostrea, Jr. RAOstrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Feb 28 14:37:54 MST 1996

The following is the current delegate count as of February 28, 1996

Steve Forbes - 60
Pat Buchanan - 39
Bob Dole - 35
Lamar Alexander - 11
Alan Keyes - 4
Uncommitted - 23

NOTE: Phil Gramm's Louisiana delegates were assigned to Buchanan
NOTE: Bob Dole took all 4 of Guam's delegates
NOTE: Phil Gramm's North Dakota delegates (2) have not yet been assigned
NOTE: Uncommitted consists of Alaska's caucus votes (non-binding),
Louisiana's 2 primary votes (to be decided next month) and Phil Gramm's 2
North Dakota votes.

Source: ABC News Estimates (Yes, things can change!) :)

Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
N. Hollywood, CA

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