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Anthony Stapleton ASTAPLE at AOL.COM
Wed Feb 28 20:36:32 MST 1996

     In a message dated 96-02-28 08:13:49 EST, Mr Swerdlin wrote:

>  Amusingly, the Vice-President and Director of Public Information
>would not tell me what the new coach's salary is.  It would be
>available in the library, where the budget is a matter of public
>record, but the above reticence is hardly a healthy sign at a
>university, public or private.  I have no bone to pick with the
>coach, as such, but sincerely feel that excessive attention is paid
>to athletics, at the expense of academics.  This also involves the
>"need" to expand stadium size, even though the original size is never
>overtaxed by the modest attendance.
     While I agree with you, the President of a major midwestern University
(guess which one Cindy) put things in perspective for me when he said
basically, "If I could get alumni and community leaders in here to watch
students study at the library, that would be great, but I can't," referring,
of course to fundraising activities and the money which is brought into the
institution as a result of the athletic activities..

     For what its worth....


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