Loyalty ain't a one way street

William Kanninen WKanninen at AOL.COM
Thu Feb 29 01:11:28 MST 1996

I can't imagine how Bill Bennett can have made such a mistake.  Either he has
suddenly lost his intelligence, or he truly is so panicked that he can't
think clearly, or he is a secret agent of Pat Buchanan.

With his legitimization of walking away from the GOP ticket in November, if
Pat is on it, he has made one of two things CERTAIN to happen during the
election campaign:

1)  Pat Buchanan will be given a veto (within limits) over the composition of
the ticket and the convention and the campaign, including the ability to veto
Bill Bennett's participation in the campaign and a GOP administratiion,
assuming Pat is not himself the nominee.

2)  Pat Buchanan's organization will lead a large to massive walk-out from
the Republican convention, either to Howard Phillip's independent
conservative party, which will be meeting in San Diego immediately after the
GOP, or to Perot's Reform Party (or a coalition of both).

Bennett makes Pat Buchanan the most important Republican, more important than
the Speaker of the House, more important than the next President, since the
direction of the country must be decided on the basis of his personality,
rather than any other reason.
Not even Pat has considered Buchanan to be so important within the party.

As a non-supporter of Pat, I am appalled at Bill Bennett's mistaken and
counter- productive statement.

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