Steve Forbes and Jack Kennedy

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            Steve Forbes and Jack Kennedy

    Some thoughts about Steve Forbes and his wealth.

    1. Jack Kennedy used his family wealth to run for the Presidency -
we used to joke that he and Rockefeller ought to fight it out with the
loser buying Cuba.  I don't remember any "hue and cry" about Jack's
wealth, especially by the liberal media of that day.

    2. Relative to Forbes' wealth and his flat tax proposal, dismissing
it "out of hand" seems to contradict the media and voters' yells that
no one is offering ideas.  It appears at this time that the loudest
opposition is coming from every organization who has a vested interest
in the continuance of the present oppressive tax system.

    3. If he had done anything wrong in filing his past taxes, one
can be assured the good ol' IRS would have nailed him. I would suggest
the "clamor" to see his tax returns is nothing but a "red herring" to
"change the subject."

    I do not know if I can support him at this date, but I'm suspicious
of his opposition's understanding of our capitalistic economic system
if his wealth is a deplorable measure of his ideas and ergo, to be held
against him.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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