A Glorious Silence

Thu Feb 29 12:07:27 MST 1996

>Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 11:17:57 -0700
>From: Edward Dunai <5INT627 at SC.MARICOPA.EDU>
>Subject: A Glorious Silence
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>        On a lighter note, I was watching TV last night and
>caught part of this show which claimed that the US Navy developed
>a "time travel" device back in 1943, and that something called
>"The Philadelphia Experiment" involving the USS Eldridge proved
>that the Navy did indeed develop such equipment.  Is this another
>case of "black helicopters" or could there possibly be something
>to this theory?  Just wondering...

        According to the book, _The Philadelphia Experiment_, the Navy was
        working on a radar-masking device (WWII-era "cloaking" device) which
        would make a ship "invisible" to radar.  When installed and tested,
        it reportedly made the ship disappear (while appearing at a different
        location) then reappear with some serious side-effects afflicting the
        crew of the USS ELDRIDGE.

        (The movie embelished the story to include a couple of sailors who
        "fell overboard during the test" reappearing 30 years later.)

        Extremely high levels of electromagnetic wave emissions could produce
        this radar-masking (in theory, since radar works via radio waves that
        have electrostatic and electromagnetic elements).  The theory is valid,
        with proportionally high-level electromagnetic wave emissions skewing
        radar signals in laboratories, providing positive results to lab tests--
        skewed reflected radar waves returning to the radar unit would provide
        erroneous object location information and, in effect, not display an
        object on the radar indicator 'scope where it should be.  Thusly, the
        object was "invisible" (not shown to be where it really was).

        Some of the more notorious side-effects encountered included some crew
        members rematerializing with part of their bodies embedded in solid
        objects (bulkheads/walls, machinery, &c.).  As such, they resembled
        what would happen if "Scotty beamed the Captain down to the planet" and
        didn't have the coordinates correctly entered into the transporter.

        When you think about it:

           Both the book and Star Trek were popular at the same time.

           Both the ENTERPRISE and the ELDRIDGE were after an elusive
             cloaking device as protection from an enemy.

           Both ENTERPRISE and ELDRIDGE start and end with the letter "E."

           Both had an element of dematerialization and rematerialization.

           Both had the same consequences if "something went wrong" in the
             process of rematerializing.

        Wonder if these similarities mean something?  Hey, there may be a
        conspiracy here after all!  Is that a helicopter I hear?


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