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Thu Feb 29 12:46:00 MST 1996

I wrote:

"A sad testimonial to affirmative action in admissions."

Steve Frye responded
You know this to be a direct cause and effect relationship?
Sorry to say, yes.  The Univ. of Calif. has set aside slots for
people who do not meet the previously  legally mandated admissions
requirements.  Many of them don't make the grade.

I had a similar experience in law school.  The school set aside slots
in conformity with suggested standards from the Bar Accreditation
Committee for students who failed to meet the regular admissions
requirements.  The school even gave them special tutorial classes.
They had a washout rate higher than 90%.  Some tried to take their first
year over.  None who retried made it.  The ones who were admitted in
my class under the special rules who did make it were an Asian immigrant
with significant graduate level studies in New Zealand, a 50+
career investigator for a local county DA's office who had been tapped
for a deputy DA job if he made it, (he did) and a Black conservative
Christian who spent all her spare time in the library studying.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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