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> I must agree, only because my wife works with these kids or should I
> say works with LD and BD kids, that I know anything about it.  When
> the teachers complain about the program they are always refering to
> the BD's but they lump the LD's in with them because it's the same
> program.  The Fed found a good thing and then went to far.  If you
> want cut backs, then research the programs and cut the part that
> doesn't serve society.  The teachers in the Learning Disabled program
> feel the Behavior Disabled part is hurting the whole program.
> These kids(BD) would be excellent test subjects for a boot camp
> program... just my opinion.

This labeling drives me nuts. We find a problem child and give their anti-
social behavior a name so we can blame something other than the real culprit(s).
LD children are legitimate but BaD is just a scapegoat to divert attention
away from the fact that some kids refuse to live by the rules. A study was
published in a British medical journal that debunks the BD myth. The study
concluded that BaD children are not victims of their environment (other than
abbrogation of parental responsibility) or economic condition. Some kids
are just plain mean. That being said, those are the one that are costing
us taxpayers a disproportionate percentage of tax dollars at the expense
of all other education programs. They are also the ones that will not benefit
from the very program set up to help them because it is based on an incorrect
liberal premise.

The dilemma is how do we handle this as taxpayers? If we simply kick them out
of school they will turn to crime and we will pay as both victims of their
actions and/or their incarceration after they break the laws. On the other hand,
we can pay for education programs like we are now and still, perhaps wind up
paying again when they turn to crime after school. The only option that is
clearly wrong is leaving them in the mainstream of the educational system.
They should, first and foremost be the responsibility of their parents and
those are the ones that should shoulder the lion's share of the cost.
Unfortunately, most parents either can't or won't take responsibility for
their children. This is what is known as being caught between a rock and and a
hard place.

My leanings are to severely punish miscreants and abandon the failed concept
of rehibilitation. However, the standard applied to adults that can or should
be able to recognize right and wrong cannot as easily be applied to children.
Not only do the very young have a problem making this distinction (they have
not been taught yet) but older ones do as well because of the continuous
teachings of liberals that devalue live and indoctrinate our youth in the art
of victimization. Blame everything and everyone else except the one really

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