Environmental Overkill

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I must recommend this book to all who wonder about these wild, doomsday claims
that we daily hear on the "mainstream media".  Dixy also wrote another book
(previous to "Environmental Overkill") called "Trashing the Planet".

She eloquently points out that most of this stuff we hear about the earth being
destroyed is just so much hooey.  Think back to the first Earth Day (1974?) -
what was the hot topic?  Global Cooling - the coming Ice Age!!!  Ask anyone if
cooling is the problem now - no, it's global warming.  Dixy points out that
there is no demonstrable evidence that the earth is either warming or cooling
to any extent.  Of course, there are freaky weather events, but these are not
to be blamed on drastic changes in the earth's climate.

Rush took much of his direction for the environmental sections in "The Way
Things Ought To Be" from Dixy.  He used a good source.

Dan Bobke

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