A Glorious Silence

Bruce Norbeck madtom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Feb 29 20:19:12 MST 1996

>If there are any ecofraks lurking out here, please, tell me why you
>can't seem to back up your claims with valid scientific evidence? I
>await with great expectation the glorious silence which will surely

    I'm willing to bet that there AREN'T any "ecofraks" out here; in
which case, that "glorious silence" is nothing more than a rhetorical,
self-fulfilling prophecy.
    I don't consider myself an "ecofrak", whatever that is. However,
I do consider myself an environmentalist -- & I don't have a single,
solitary bit of political or financial power, contrary to your impli-
cation that environmentalists are only concerned with advancing their
own prestige.
    Since I'm not an environmentalist, I'm not going to try to offer
evidence I don't have. Since I haven't read Ms. Ray's book, I'm not
going to debate her conclusions with you. I am interested, though, in
finding out what OTHER sources of information you have? You didn't
simply confine your "research" to a book, the conclusions of which
comply with your own?
    I CAN tell you this: that the depletion of the California forests
is no enviro-whacko plug for more government financing. One has only to
examine satellite photography to see the danage done. It's not just a
matter of planting more trees, either -- trees take a long time to grow
& in the meantime, the eco-system that used to be there no longer is.
It's not just the forests that are gone, either -- the salmon industry
in California's northwest has been hurt, as well, because the spawning
grounds the salmon returned have been clogged with debris from the log-
ging camps & mines.
    I can also tell you that the logging industry was hurting LONG be-
fore anyone had ever heard of the spotted owl. Companies like Louisi-
anna-Pacific were shutting down mills & sending logs to Japan for pro-
cessing LONG before the limits were placed on their operations. The
simple fact is that Charles Hurwitz bought that corporation using mas-
sive amounts of leveraged debt, then had to radically reduce costs in
order to pay off his debt & still make a profit. That's why the mills
were shut down to begin with.
    Clearly, the environment is NOT in the disastrous state that the
leftists make it out to be. Clearly, however, much damage has been
done. IMHO, only liars & ignorant dullards will claim otherwise.

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