Delegate count

Trey Triggs trey at SOUTHWIND.NET
Thu Feb 29 21:26:15 MST 1996

Edward --

Thanks for the info.  Also, FYI, Kansas has decided to cancel its Primaries
(both Republican and Democrat).  Dole is going to get all for the Republican
and Clinton for the Democrat.  Being a Dole supporter I like; however, it
doesn't give the chance for people to express their own opinions.



  Scour the mind w/diamond
  brushes.  Cleanse into Mandalas.
  Memory keeps us wicked & warm
  The Time temple.  Who'll go 1st?
  Cloaked figures huddled by walls.
  A head moves clocklike slowly.
  I'm coming.  Wait for me.

Jim Morrison
1943 - 1971

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