Steve Forbes and Jack Kennedy

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Feb 29 22:53:08 MST 1996

Bruce, you wrote:

>    I no longer hear the media & the voters telling us that no-one is
>offering ideas.
>    I do hear the media & the voters yelling that they don't much like
>the ideas that are being put forth, any more than they do the clowns
>putting forth the ideas.
A few folks, such as those in Arizona must have liked Forbes'ideas.
A few folks in N.H. must have liked Pat's ideas, etc, etc.etc.
>>It appears at this time that the loudest opposition is coming from
>>every organization who has a vested interest in the continuance of
the >>present oppressive tax system.
>    Yep, that ol' Pat Buchanan... he SURE does have a vested interest
>in maintaining this "oppressive" tax system.
>    Yeesh.
Bruce, Your above point fails on "my logic board," but I'll try. - Pat
had a Flat Tax idea before it was a glint in Steve's eyes.  Pat DOES
NOT oppose Steve's idea but thinks it should have different emphasis in
"no-tax" areas.

Ken Wyman

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