Independence Day

Thu Jul 4 09:50:20 MDT 1996

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Trey says:
>I want to wish all a happy and safe Independence Day.  Remember during our
>time of celebration, that this would not have been possible if not for the
>brave fore-fathers, soldiers, and citizens sticking together to push the
>Lion out of North America.  And, of course, we will continue to thrive with
>our freedoms when we continue to stick together.

Ditto on good wishes for Independence Day.  But some questions, too.  What is
"sticking together" in today's terms?   Especially when the term "Freedom" has
such a variety of meanings within the populace?  For many who support Clinton,
freedom means what the Government gives you:  food, shelter, clothing,
education, recreation, haircuts - well whatever you need, because as Stuart
Smally says, "You'r OK, and well, you deserve it."  And of course, the gov't
and other supporters of the Welfare State will have no objection when citizens
who have received SO MUCH are called on for pay-back time.  There is always
PAY-BACK TIME - could even be in votes.

I heard Foley and Ruddman on C-Span yesterday.  Foley says the US is the most
free country on earth.  For example, he cited the US's permissive policies re:
gun ownership and without giving any data or specifics declared the US to have
the greatest freedoms in this area of choice for citizens.  He can't understand
why anyone should object to any of the government's present policies
re: gun control.  Also, Ruddman sounded like a liberal democrat - hardly an
opposing view.  For example, he supports the minimum wage bill.

We live in a time when many of the freedoms of our forefathers and mothers are
now politically incorrect.
On independence day, it is appropriate to notice what's missing from the
equation as well as what actual blessings we do have.  Remember what compelling
issues taxes and market freedoms were in 1776.


Bill White

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