Simple Truths

JB nunes at SISNA.COM
Thu Jul 4 19:48:29 MDT 1996

At 06:52 PM 6/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I really don't care what you think or don't think about what i say.
>Clintons are totally bad for the country.  The best part of the Clintons
>are the child and the  cat.  I hope that soon, they will be gone.
>Everything they say is doublespeak.  They are trying to pass the gas that
>hillary is just the "first lady" hahahahahehehehe She is co-president and
>don't you think for one minute that she doesn't really hold the power.
Read "Clinton: Confidential" by George Carpozi, Jr (Ermy Dalton Book Publ)

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