The list of clinton improprieties!

JB nunes at SISNA.COM
Thu Jul 4 19:48:25 MDT 1996

At 12:31 PM 6/24/96 PST, you wrote:
>For everyone who talks about how wonderful the Clinton administration is
>than what about these??????  For everyone that says that there's no liberal
media bias then how come this were basically ignored or put into small
stories at the back of the newscast.
>Vincent Foster
>Paula Jones(And over 10 other women who have accused him of sexual
>Former Surgeon General Elders
>Hairgate (Clinton's $100 haircut ;-)
>Spirtgate (Hillarys communing with the dead) (Or as rush referred to it
>as gurugate)
>And then there is Dead Beat DADgate, where black prostitute Bobbie
Ann Williams claims that Clinton is the DAD of Danny Williams because
Clinton refused to use a condom. See, Excellent book, "Clinton, Confidential"
Chapter 17, by George Carpozi. It is reported that he refused to take a DNA.
Your know, "it would smear the dignity of the presidency" the place where
the Clinton is smearing daily.  JB

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