Just when you thought they could break any more laws...

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>>From National Review's Webpage:
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>                             for June 26, 1996
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>  Wednesday's Update
>   Pro-Choice Although Bob Woodward's new book The Choice has yet to be
>   published, portions of it appearing in the Washington Post are causing
>   quite a stir. In the latest installment, Woodward offers evidence that
>   Clinton may have violated campaign-finance rules for the upcoming
>   election.
>   According to Woodward, the White House, in an effort to circumvent the
>   Federal Election Commission's strict donor limits, spearheaded an
>   intense fundraising campaign for the DNC (with Al Gore personally
>   making the calls), that raised more than $10 million. The
>   Administration explicitly instructed the DNC to spend campaign
>   revenues on television ads highlighting the President and denigrating
>   Republicans. The Clinton team had complete editorial control over the
>   ads, thus rendering the DNC an adjunct of Clinton-Gore '96. The spots
>   were very effective, and boosted Clinton 10 to 15 points in the polls.
>   They were also very illegal. But, as Woodward reports, the
>   consequences, if discovered (a big "if"), were chalked-up by the
>   Clinton team as acceptable losses: "Of course, the required Federal
>   Election Commission forms would be filed and the large expenditures
>   would be disclosed. But that would likely be a one-day story. It was
>   uncertain if anyone would figure it out. And then it would be history.
>   People would likely remember Clinton's stunning rise in the polls, not
>   one of the contributing reasons for it." Immediate gain despite the
>   consequences and an abuse of power to deflect laws. Sounds all too
>   familiar.
>                                Updated By:
>                  Rich Lowry - National Political Reporter
>                     Ramesh Ponnuru - National Reporter

Every good conservative should have a copy of "Clinton: Confidential" by
George Carpozi, Jr (Publ: Emrey Dalton)

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