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Dennis, here's the figures I have (For 1994)

top 1% paid 26% while making 13% of the pre-tax income
top 10% paid 58%
top 20% paid 73%

Bottom 40% paid less than 1%
Bottom 60% paid only 10%

source: Columnist James K. Glassman, "The rich already pay plenty", Wasington
Post, 7/11/95

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Subject: Re: Tax Question
Author:  Dennis Putnam <putnamd at> at Internet
Date:    7/5/96 11:56 AM

> Can any of you fine folks answer this question for me:
> What percentage of US income tax revenues are paid by
> the top 5% income groups?   I would appreciate this
> information for use in another list.

I can't recall the numbers exactly but I think the top 20% pay 60% of the
revenues and the top 5% pay 20%. But don't assume these numbers are gospel.
If you want the exact numbers I can look it up in my Limbaugh Letters but I'm
on the road and won't be home until next week.

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