Sorry about my absence, folks...

John B Hammer economic at CENCOM.NET
Sat Jul 6 00:23:28 MDT 1996

Dear RUSHTALK subscribers:

        I'm sorry about being absent from the list lately.  My Internet
provider has been down in my area for the last two weeks (something about
the phone company working on the lines) and instead of making the more
expensive call to its home city, I've waited patiently for them to restore
service.  The service was to be back online on Tues. of this week...that
is until they moved the date up to Wed. of next week!  So much for the
excuses!  I'll be downloading my mail (597 items at last count) and
catching up on my job here in the few minutes following this note's

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Hopefully this
won't happen again!

John B Hammes
moderator for RUSHTALK

   "They that can give up essential liberty to
             obtain a little temporary safety deserve
                                        neither liberty or safety."
                         (Ben Franklin, 1759)

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