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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Sat Jul 6 13:13:23 MDT 1996

> I assume that you are traveling and are still accessing Internet. Does your
> server
> have an 800 number and do you use a laptop. Is this too early to to go that
> route?
> My wife and I are authors and travel in our motorhome but want to keep in
> touch with the info available through Internet. Your advice will be
> appreciated. JB
> --

 Right now I'm using an 800 line to my employer's terminal server. Since I
have to check my other mail I do this too. We have only UUCP mail except to
our Web page ( and My current project to
finish when I get back from vacation is to hook up a firewall and put the
corporate net on the internet. I am between homes right now and will be moving
from Huntsville, AL to the Atlanta area in 2 weeks (right at the beginning
of the Olympics, yeech). So that is why I am getting personal mail at
my business address but that will change after the move and I get my own
internet connection.

I plan to use a local provider, they have an 800 number but it is pretty
expensive to use. I don't have much need for access to my personal internet
account  when out of town so I'm not worried about it. I think there are some
national providers that allow access from anywhere and are not too expensive.
IDI comes to mind but I don't know their 800 voice number (you can probably get
it from 800 directory assistance), they advertise on Rush's radio show all the
time in Huntsville. My laptop is OK for a week or two but it is really too
small (keyboard & display) to do a lot of e-mail and internet stuff for very
long. If you are going to be on the road a lot I think you will find a laptop
unsatisfying, particularily if you have to use it a lot.

It seems to me a motorhome could accomodate a full size PC with a normal
monitor. The problem is how would you access a phone line unless parked
at a full service camping facility? Do you plan to use cellular technology?
If so, I guess the 800 access charges would be the least of your costs.

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